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The best way to figure out what we can do for you is to contact us at info@elgpublishing.is

How dense or sparse the music will be, what style/genre, instruments or type of production is up to you.
We're happy to answer any questions you have about what's faster/cheaper/easier/harder/better/worse.
Assume a price of about $100 per minute of content, with adjustments based on what kind of production you ask for.
Any size project is fine, from an 8-second theme song for your podcast to a 2 hour videogame OST.
-you contact ELG Publishing with your project's needs
-we estimate cost, and begin work as soon as we get paid
-we send you incomplete workfiles to make sure it's what you want
-we send you the complete project
There are four types of production available: ACTUAL PERFORMANCE, SYNTHS, CONCERT MUSIC, and LISCENSING
ACTUAL PERFORMANCE: the music/song/soundtrack/etc is composed, then recorded/performed on real instruments
SYNTHS: the music/etc is composed and then programmed in a DAW or whatever; it'll be all electronic.
There's some wiggle room in terms of how closely acoustic/actual instruments can be replicated, but generally speaking, the real thing is always better than a synth. And if you want a synth-type sound, this works great
CONCERT MUSIC: Whatever you ask for is composed, and the complete score and parts, transposed or in C (whatever you like), is sent to you
LISCENSING: An existing work from the ELG PUBLISHING CATALOGUE is liscensed to you for use in your project. It's already finished, we just agree on the usage of the music, and then you pay.
The rough sliding-scale of time and cost would be ACTUAL PERFORMANCE > SYTHS > CONCERT MUSIC > LISCENSING
More ambient/sparse/minimalistic music is faster and easier to produce, because there's just less physical work to do and the ideas take longer to happen IN THE MUSIC than they do in the brain